Nancy Pelosi Sucks Commemorative Pen (Limited Item)
Nancy Pelosi Sucks Commemorative Pen (Limited Item)

Nancy Pelosi Sucks Commemorative Pen (Limited Item)

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America. One nation, under God. A land of opportunity and freedom. The birthplace of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. And the nation she bravely represented as she signed the articles of impeachment against Donald J. Trump. To properly mark this momentous occasion, Nancy Pelosi signed her name proudly, with a set of unique and beautiful black and gold pens emblazoned with her signature.

Now, YOU can own a piece of history.

Remember the impeachment proceeding, and the life's work of our first female speaker of the house, with these collector’s edition, near-perfect replica pens.

Each pen features the same black and gold styling of the original, with only minor differences, barely recognizable to the naked eye. These breathtaking writing instruments communicate the utmost in class and distinction and will make sure everyone knows what side of history you stand on.

To honor the accomplishments of Speaker Pelosi, we've priced these special commemorative pens with the year of her birth, $19.40. Think of the national elections you'll be able to overturn with your Nancy Pelosi commemorative impeachment pen.

This priceless work of art will remind you of Speaker Pelosi's constantly surprised facial expressions and babbling, nonsensical speaking style. Plus, it will forever communicate your lasting feelings toward this true American hero.

Due to the incredible demand, there is a strict limit of 5,000 pens per order, and no future Nancy Pelosi Sucks commemorative impeachment pens will be sold when the supply has been exhausted, so act now.

These incredible pens are authorized by Stu Does America, loved by patriotic Americans all over the globe, and can be yours now for just 19 dollars and 40 cents.

How will you tell your children and grandchildren about this important era in American history?